Who We Are

Tessa Masi

Event Specialist

I started planning events throughout my years of

study at school and working as a floral designer.

I decided to create a career out of it, only with a

twist. I did not want this to be an everyday run

of the mill event planning company, I want to

make a difference, to plan weddings & events that

support my passions and views. So, here I am,

planning Eco-friendly events for people just like

you! I have always wanted to make the world a

greener place to live, ever since I was a child I was

reducing, reusing, & recycling, and striving to

convince my parents to do more to help the

environment, now I live my life and run my

business with those same passions and values

in mind. I believe in a better, greener future

for this world and try to do my part by assisting

couples & families with the same vision.


Peace & Love,

  Tessa Masi




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